A 13-year-old troubled boy, living in central Qld, has a near death experience after a car accident. As he fights for his life in a coma, he meets the father he lost in a similar accident, five years earlier.


They embark on a journey of discovery together, sewing bonds and mending wounds. Back to reality, awakened, he is forever changed. Joined by his long-time mate, Billy, they discover things about the Dreamtime, and a connection to spirit and the land in a life-changing year.

A story of loss, grief, and spiritual awareness.

As an author Kyle Anthony brings rich characters to life with a deep sense of dialog and protagonist arcs. As a master storyteller Kyle takes you far down the rabbit hole of someone else’s life in a way that makes you soon forget your own. Only to have you pause halfway and realise that the story has made you think of your own story, and an intriguing awareness begins.

“My goal, as a writer is to ignite that spark of awareness and thought, and then fan the flames to make it grow. Get people to understand; but the simple thing is, you have first got to have that spark. And stories are the perfect vehicle to deliver that.”

Writing is a way to connect with people and share an important message says Kyle, who was living what he says was an unassuming life with a woman he loved and a career as an engineer putting things together for a living when everything changed.

Brisbane-born Kyle did not start out as an author, his first career was quite different.

“I left school when I was 15 years of age – to get a trade – but until I got to around 45 years of age, I had not really written anything. I was a boiler maker and worked in engineering. But I have an imaginative and connecting mind. I always saw things and how they would go together."

“I could just see the way things go together.”

It is this power to visualise all the pieces of a puzzle and the many combinations that can occur that has given Kyle a razor-sharp writing style the reader easily falls into. A talent this writer discovered later in life.

“For the first 40 years of my life I was aimless. I didn’t have any grand plans; I didn’t buy houses I just floated along like a butterfly, but I also didn’t hurt people. I supported myself, I made friends, life just went on. Then in the ‘90s I was living with a woman in Everton Park when her eldest daughter died suddenly in a car accident, at the age of 17.”

“Everything changed.”

“It destroyed her and was the starting point of my own change. She brought me to meditation. She went as she wanted to try and connect with her daughter and deal with her loss, I started going along with her for support and realised that I had a strong connection. Meditation, it changed me."

“All sorts of things started to happen.”

“For me personally it allowed me to understand more of who I was. And understand what life is about, and that was what brought me on the author journey. I knew then I wanted to write stories and tell people what life is about."

Kyle also draws on rich life characters in his stories, like his gritty and moving novella that takes you
on a journey into life of an ‘Aussie Battler’ couple and the realities of struggling, loss, alcoholism, and
even death. A tumble down the memory lane of ‘70s suburbia Australia.
The novelle is designed so you feel like you are there. These characters could be your neighbours.
Their dialog and conversation are what leads the story and paints the picture. Because, as Kyle says,
how we speak and what we say, as people, is what truly shapes our lives.

“I’m heavy in dialog because that is how people communicate. When people are with family or friends it is through their speech that we learn their stories. We learn from what people say."

“That is my point of difference as a writer, I want you to be a part of the characters’ lives because they talk for themselves. How they speak exposes their character, their flaws, their mood. What comes out of their mouth is how we understand them. They can be honest, lie, joke, use inuendo. How they speak and the words they choose says a lot about them as a character. Even when there is a great deal of body language, what comes out of people’s mouths is what we use to understand them."

“It is a connection to character, through voice.”

Kyle wants his readers to take away more than just the experience of a story. Intertwined in some of his work, like his upcoming novel, are messages to be found.

“If I can write a novel that helps people understand where they are, where they want to go, that is the writing I want to produce.”

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