March 11

Light, Love, Life.


The love in life flows like water clear,
I, like others, need to hold loved ones near.
Through all eternity have I heard these words speak,
For the strong and bold, for the least valued, the meek.
Open your heart to let love pour forth,
For you and I are equals, let’s respect each other’s thought.

Let’s sing songs of joy, motivate hearts that hide still.
Lift up those who despair, never to trap on rumour mill.
Do you see loves that lie there asleep,
When I see yours, it makes my heart weep.
What were we sent here to learn, surely not to live in hate and fear.
Have you read the good book, that judgement day feel is here.

Green is the grass while trees whisper lore,
Blue is our planet, life balanced needs to be the fore.
No more summer, is this really winter?
Politicians abound, but boy do they dither.
I love my life, I love my wife.
Most gracious, I do what’s right.

Let’s join hands with those across the land,
Let’s join forces, lift your feet to the beat of a jubilant band.
This planet is home to all creatures great and small,
Let’s be diligent to keep room for them all.
For you and I are one, together we are strong,
Be not the disciple of folk, who selfishly do wrong.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash.


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