April 13

My Australia


It is not my age, it is my experience. Australia’s common ground for migrants was to a build a future safe in their own homes. Food aplenty, free education the norm. Equality, a badge of honour carried by all. Room for children, room for sport, a place where fish can be caught. The poor Aboriginals, these people considered not much more than feral animals when I was born, still stand unbeaten on hard fought ground, forlorn.

For a generation prosperity has ruled. Bringing comforts but changing the rule. Greed is good, follow the American way. How soon till we sing to the star-spangled banner with feet of clay. Trust no longer the custom, lock up your daughter, lock up your son. Our fences have become fortifications, no longer to be gossiped over, nothing said or won. Who now stops to lend a hand? Bashed, robbed and left for dead, unimaginable horror lies ahead. Road rage, just because someone pushed in. When did this become a deadly sin?

A drink or two and a laugh over lunch. Now let’s get drunk and kill an innocent with just one punch. Queensland, a state with opportunities on offer no longer. Take, take, take, get out my way it is all about me, only I am fit and proper. In times of flood or times of drought. It is the poor who give, they know what it is to be without. Oh generous heart. Stop this, stop that, I don’t want to go on. Let’s change the rules, then nothing can be done. PC is good, PC is bad, what happened to giving room for others. Aren’t we all brothers? Does anyone remember RESPECT? Pardon me my sisters.

Oh, you old fogey; go away. Your time has come and faded away. We build a road to nowhere just past Nihl. We have forgotten God, but the devil waits for us still. Not my God, nor my sins, all your glories are headed for garbage bins. Temples of gold where roulette wheels spin. In the back room is where the needle and spoon wins. Fodder for some, glory for none, chew them up spit them out, there is more to come. Forget the old, abandon the weak, we no longer want a world for the meek. ‘Dog eat dog world’ they say, our pets are smart enough to avoid that play.

Politics – don’t get me started, a race to the bottom oh, who farted. Canberra a revolving door for narcissism to aspire. Like pigs self-interest wallows in the mire. Hey, did you forget about me? I work and pay taxes, I just want to be free. Free to breathe fresh air, free to show I care. Free to walk in the sunshine, not to hide because my skin is fair. Free to walk the beach if it’s not washed away or crude oil leached. I love to sit under tree and listen to songbirds sing. But with climate change, what will the next extinction bring? No respect I suspect. Do they not realise the environment is perfect?

In my youth blue tongue lizards, skinks and green frogs. Now come the insect poisons, cats and all are gone. Beautiful Christmas beetles on a hot summer night, flying fox would call for a feed or a fight. Snakes in the outhouse would eat rat, Kookaburra would eat their offspring laugh and get fat. In the local creek you could hunt and swim, the water so clear you would drink it in. No longer do the people care, they go and hide in their conditioned air. Light, love, life, who does care. Hand on heart yet still, no advance Australia fair.

Photo by City of Gold Coast on Unsplash


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