April 14

My Happiness.


Flash of lights beep of horns at a standstill I hope this is not the norm. Roundabout ahead below white column pigeons fed.
Traffic flow goes round and round not quite sure for where I’m bound. Over cars I see an old narrow street, the footpaths echo with the beat of hurried feet.
Shielded under plastic macs upon their heads bowler hats merry drinkers laugh and chat.

It is night, and I want to see more, so I depart to a distant shore.
High on the wing I do fly the water calm clear is the sky.
Hurriedly I dive down to the bounty of fish to be found.
Swoosh then up to a tree a full belly for me.

Being the feeling of content I’m off to a new continent.
Through the clouds I do fly sometimes too high on occasions I leave the sky.
Below I do spy, island pearls on a sapphire sea. Oh, to see with stealth the key.
Closer, they are unable to see me because I am not captive; I laugh freely.
They sing and dance around the fire they do prance.
A young couple draw near, hands together they do kneel blessings given they are one; shyly do they kiss never their vows undone.
A shout of joy leaves my lips. I’m off over mountain tips to leave their shore homeward bound once more.

There is the city near where I dwell with so many people sometimes; I think it’s hell.
Down the street I do land; nobody sees me as they wait for the local rock band.
Out they come and put on their show their music so loud I need to go.
Home at last in a quiet street; here I can sit and put my feet up.
My darling arises her gentle touch upon my cheek. I hold her close; her eyes I do seek.
In her soul I have found a world of love with no bounds.

Photo by Denise Jones on Unsplash


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