May 31

Psychedelic colours


Psychedelic colours flash to the water

quack calls his mate

within reflective rings …


‘Can you see the aura of yon tree?’

‘Aura, Master?’

‘Yes. Under clouded sky. The clear light space outline that imposes its individuality like a barrier of life essence.’

‘Is that the life force that is said to leave when we die? Is that life, Master?’

‘Life is a mixture of many things, and the force is only one. When one is all and all is one, life is complete.                     This tree’s great roots delve deep the ground for nutrients. Its great trunk braces enormous limbs that bear leaf to imbibe the energy of the sun. These leaves mix energy, nutrients, carbon monoxide; lifeforce flows within and without. Yet, it is not the whole.’

‘Surely, that is all it needs, Master?’

‘How modern a concept? Humans in their concrete caves. Yet, people cannot survive on nutrients alone. Think. No Twitter, no Netflix, no communication with friends, or loved ones. Would you survive?’

‘But we are a pack animal; we need others, Master.’

‘Our tree stands on the edge of a forest. Does it need others of its own kind? Still, a single Acacia on deserts edge is not alone.’

‘You talk in riddles. If it is single then, there is only one, so it is on its own, Master.’

‘You look at this vibrant tree yet, you are blind. Observe. Seeds fall like tiny helicopters to the ground. When conditions are right, they spring to life to replace the old, or the weak in the cycle of life. Our tree will not walk to mate. Yet, how does it conceive offspring for continuance of being?’

‘Flowers. It had bright colourful flowers. To enjoy, Master.’

‘The innocence of white, the authority of violet, unto it another life be drawn. Insects to blend pollen within its flowers, and that of others. So, it is not alone. Caterpillars become colourful butterflies. What would happen if there were too many to eat leaf?’

‘The tree would suffer and die, Master.’

‘Yet, our tree has become home for nesting birds who feed their young with the biting and gnawing that hamper tree. You could almost call them tree police. They help keep the balance in the society of tree.’

‘There is a lizard munching a grasshopper; over there a spider spins its intricate web. How many creatures live in or on the tree? Abundant is their colour, many is their need, various the function for them all to live. They are free to act upon the tree for what their species needs. No slave yet. Bees are busy workers. Ants march as soldiers and bear away all before them. Aphids are vampires who leech the blood of trees. While the cute lady beetle is welcomed to bring the aphids to their knees. How many are enough or too many? Balance is where life excels, and this just a tree.’

‘The tree is like an individual ecosystem, a vigorous living world of its own. Truly life is magic, Master.’

‘Or is it real?’

What about you and me?

Photo by Charlotte on Unsplash


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