April 13

Trust me, I know.


Look at them. They prance like gays or prostitutes. God, how did I get through 12 years of schooling with these idiots. Here I am stuck at the End-of-Year break up, and I don’t think I can find a sane one amongst them. Well, when I say sane… I mean someone in the know. Someone who knows all this crap they are going through is utter bullshit.

Take me old mate Mark over there. Star of the footy team. He has a big dick and loves to show everyone. Thinks all the girls want it, but somehow I think he likes boys. He’s always trying to touch some other guy’s arse or grabbing their dick. Christ, he thinks he’s just it.

Wow, look at Suzie Goodlove. Man she is hot, and knows it. She isn’t going to talk to the likes of me. Why should she? I’m not wearing five hundred dollars of designer clothes that I won’t be able to fit into next year.

Hello, here comes Frankie, this dumb prick. Maybe I should take that back; he’s the smartest kid in the class. Got all straight A’s; still doesn’t know his arsehole from his elbow. Never kissed a girl, hasn’t gotten pissed; shit he probably thinks having a wank is a chore. ‘Hey Frankie, how are they hanging?’

‘G-good, enjoying the p-party, M-mike?’

‘Havin’ a fat time. Might even get me some trim later. Hey, you want to go outside and split a spliff?”

‘N-no thanks, I don’t touch the stuff. C-catch you round.”

Yeah, dickhead. Catch you with a shotgun. Fuck, where’s Pete? He should have been here by now. All he had to do was drop off his girlfriend at her parent’s place. Shit, what’s taking him so long? Bastard, that’s the last stubbie. Must get to the bottle ‘o’ and grab another dozen before they close. Look at Mr Marvellous, the rich bastard thinks his shit doesn’t stink. He wasn’t so marvellous when I pulled him out of that pigshit the other month at that horticultural college. Had to laugh through he stank to the highest heaven.  

‘Hey Junior, come out the front I got something to show you.”

‘Okay, but it better be good.’

‘When haven’t I been good to you? Look at the skunk I sold you last week, and how about that ice? Didn’t it run cold through your veins like I said it would?’ 

‘Here, just thought I’d share a spliff with you.’

‘What, no charge?’

‘Fuck off. I look after my customers. This will blow your mind, and in no small way. Hey, what do you reckon about Fleur? She’s havin’ a good time. I reckon she might be up for it tonight.’

‘Yeah, but not with you.’

‘Come on. A good looking bloke like myself? Fuck, I could just about pull any chick here. With my brains and good looks, what more could they ask for?’

‘Take some advice, Mike. Get out of the bikie mould, and start treating people with respect. You might find they’ll talk to you. Thanks for the spliff.’

Yeah, fuck you too. What the fuck do you know? You’re no different from the rest. You have no idea what this world is about. I do. I’ve got the scars to prove it.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash


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